The Wright Touch
Relax and Let My Hands Do the Work

About Me

My name is Calyn Wright.  I graduated from Milan Institute of Massage Therapy in 2013 where I got my National License for Bodyworkers. Since 2013, I became very passionate with my pursuit of Sports/Therapeutic massage. I've worked at the local chain spas to casinos. It's from this experience that I've honed in on my skills and passion of Therapeutic massage. On May of 2016 I decided to take a leap and venture out to start my own business in the Downtown Reno area. Here, I provide the best experience I can possibly give my clients. I believe that people from all walks of life can benefit from massage; from the stay-at-home mom, to the tri-athlete, and to the hard working student. My passion for Massage is constantly growing from the benefits my clients can feel and see from getting on a maintenance plan and or just receiving massages often.  Using my hands as well as my heart, I help my clients relax and bring them back to a world where life is manageable. I'm very professional, friendly and hard working. I'm looking forward to helping you with your needs while giving you your time to unwind, relax and enjoy a little bit of peace and serenity.